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INFORMORE since 1992

Flexible, Comprehensive & Forward-thinking Supply Chain Software

Good things happen when frontrunners join forces

In April 2021, Caroz acquired TMS developer Informore, bringing two digital logistics leaders under one brand – Caroz. The combination is built on a double first: the first manned control tower (Caroz) and the first digital control tower software (Informore). Please visit for more information.


Maintenance of all global carrier tariffs, locations, transport modes, transit times and related information

Transport Planning

Order management & visibility of shipments in execution, including Supply Chain Event Management

Finance Control

Based on agreed matching rules the Freight Bill Auditing process is fully automated


Create custom reports on transport costs on any required level, carrier performance, CO2 per shipment


Years of experience
Reduction transportation costs
Increase in load factor
Increase efficiency planning & finance


Maintenance of all global carrier rates, rate-additions, locations, transport modes, transit times, etc. is done in the ProcurementManager. 

  • Any Road, Sea, or Rail rate can be uploaded and compared like for like.
  • Easy data maintenance via excel down/uploads.
  • Linked to L2’s ShipmentManager it also offers rescheduling and recalculation.

Once uploaded various routing options can be checked and compared. Based on freight costs, transit times etc. the best option can be determined. Data access for sourcing, logistics, finance and sales. What-if-Compare (WIC) also used for Impact Analysis for your bid proposals in combination with historical order data .

“Find out which carrier offers the best rates on specific lanes and loads.
Gain the information necessary for successful negotiations.”


Order management & Visibility of Shipments in Execution, including supply chain event management (SCEM) is done in the ShipmentManager.

  • Facilitates monitoring and managing the execution of shipments, including custom cut off scenarios.
  • Tracks execution and enables management by exceptions.
  • Pipeline visibility is created to the required level of detail.

Define your dedicated views, events, status to be monitored (SCEM) and optimize routes and load build using Ortec plugin.

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Based on agreed matching rules the ‘invoicing process’ is fully automated.

  • Three-way auditing of freight ‘bills’ facilitates error free (credit)invoicing of carriers
  • Invoice statements include multiple currencies, VAT-regimes, currency adjustments etc.
  • Financial consolidation of shipments is fully automated.

The most comprehensive source of all your transport related data in 1 place, in 1 format.

  • All transport costs on truck/container/shipment/leg/order/ item/product level
  • Detailed and independent carrier performance reports
  • CO2 per shipment
  • Enabling SOx, ISO 9000 compliance


Backups & Redundancy
  • Backup: Backups are made real time, there will never be any data loss
  • FailOver: one of the best failOver systems, can be live within 2 hours if anything happens to the main servers

  • Secure data : The data is the truth, no human manipulation. Data is always encrypted
  • SSL: Secure SSL connection, all data is sent and received encrypted
Hosting & Certifications
  • Our hosting provider has: ISO 27001:2013, 9001, 14001, MVO level 3, NEN 7510 and are ISAE 3402 Type II certified
  • We are ISAE 3402 type 2 certified and SSAE 16 compliant


And many others. Ask us for any specific integration you are looking for. We probably have it and otherwise we can build it for you.